KSK is a unique infrastructure asset offering an integrated logistical solution.

  • KSK has the most modern equipment and technological solutions among the Russian Black Sea grain terminals
  • Dedicated access to railroad transportation via a newly built and owned rail link provides for cost-efficient logistics for the grain suppliers.
  • Dedicated and direct access to the federal highway “Don”, provides for the most cost-efficient auto logistics for local grain suppliers.
  • Operates modern world class equipment, supplied by the leading international producers (NEUERO, Sukup etc) providing seamless operations flow from grain reception and quality tests to grain transshipment to the vessels.
KSK has world class brand new storage equipment, constructed in 2011-2013, with best in class wind and seismic-resistance solutions.

220,000 tons of simultaneous storage capacity is among the highest on the Russian Black Sea.

Allows to store up to 12 types of grain simultaneously.

Item Description
13.6 kt silos
  • Quantity: 9 units
  • Total capacity: 122,4 kt
  • Commissioning date: 2013-2020
  • Supplier: Sukup Manufacturing
10.1 kt silos
  • Quantity: 8 units
  • Total capacity: 80,8 kt
  • Commissioning date: 2012-2020
  • Supplier: Sukup Manufacturing
3.0-3.3 kt silos
  • Quantity: 5 units
  • Total capacity: 15.6 kt
  • Commissioning date: 2011-2020
  • Supplier: SKE-Specstroy, Prado

Ship loader
  • Quantity: 2 units
  • Capacity: 1,600 tph (2 x 800 tph)
  • Commissioning date: August 2011
  • Supplier: NEUERO
Band conveyor (open type)
  • Quantity: 2 units
  • Capacity: 1,600 tph (2 x 800 tph)
  • Commissioning date: August 2011
  • Supplier: NEUERO
Band and chain conveyors (closed type)
  • Quantity: 2 units
  • Capacity: 1,600 tph (2 x 800 tph)
  • Commissioning date: October 2011
  • Supplier: Enduro Systems
  • Quantity: 2 units
  • Capacity: 1,600 tph (2 x 800 tph)
  • Commissioning date: October 2011
  • Supplier: DBA InterSystems
Laboratory equipment
  • Quantity: 2 units
  • Capacity: over 1,000 tph
  • Commissioning date: 2011
  • • Awarded the best in the world test equipment in 2012
  • Supplier: Chopin, Foss Analytical, Rationel Kornservice
Aspiration equipment (auto reception)
  • Capacity: n/a
  • Commissioning date: October 2011
  • Supplier: Simatek, Filcon
Aspiration equipment (rail reception)
  • Capacity: n/a
  • Commissioning date: May 2013
  • Supplier: Filcon
  • In June 2013 KSK reached an agreement with Rolf Logistics on launching the Ro-Ro transshipment of imported cars starting September 2013.
  • In August 2013 after carrying out land restoration works, the Group put into operation an auto handling complex on vacant territory of KSK.
  • A special berth for Ro-Ro cargo and storage area, able to handle 733 cars simultaneously, were constructed.
  • Ro-Ro complex throughput capacity exceeds 50 thous. cars per year.
  • In September the new Ro-Ro complex was put into operation according to project schedule. Transshipment of imported cars (in partnership with Rolf Logistics) was launched.

Ro-Ro complex

Throughput capacity – 50 thous. cars per year (with possibility of increase).

Cars storage capacity – 733 cars simultaneously.

  • Rail link has been constructed in 2013 and is owned by DELOPORTS which gives the Company a competitive advantage of having dedicated usage of the rail link and being able to control its condition
  • Two of three rail lines located in the KSK area are connected with the grain reception points which are able to process 6 railcars simultaneously and have unloading capacity of 2,400 tonnes per hour, while the third line is used for maneuvering operations.
  • KSK uses an in-house “know-how” by using tractors for railcar maneuvering operations, which provides for significant cost savings.

  • Automotive delivery infrastructure is an important part of grain logistics as it provides local grain traders with a cost-efficient delivery option
    - Automotive delivery is usually cheaper than rail transportation for the grain transported within 500 km from the sourcing point.
  • KSK is the only grain terminal in Novorossiysk with a direct access to the federal highway M-4 Don, KSK terminal area is adjacent to the highway.
  • KSK uses efficient logistics and collaborates with parking terminals, offering more attractive terms for truck transportation.
  • KSK has the highest automotive throughput capacity in Novorossiysk, being able to serve 450-500 trucks per day, which is equivalent to 800 tonnes of grain per hour.
  • The terminal has an organized parking area for approximately 50 trucks and 3 grain reception points with automated grain laboratory, allowing to do express quality tests of the grain received.
  • The incoming grain delivered by trucks is mainly sourced from Krasnodar, Rostov, Stavropol and Volgograd regions.