Investment Projects

KSK Board of Directors has approved the directions of terminal development up to 2021

  • Construction of berth #40a and dredging works
  • Dredging of berth #40
  • Increase of grain storage capacity
  • Ability to moor two Panamax vessels at the same time
  • Increase of the speed of rail and auto reception from 400 to 550 trucks per day
  • Increase of throughput capacity of the terminal

In 2013 KSK completed its investment program.

  • KSK launched grain transshipment operations in 2006, by transshipping grain to smaller vessels via direct loading incoming trucks with annual transshipment capacity of approximately 0.5 mln. tones.
  • By 2010 DELO-GROUP developed the project documentation and originated the capacity upgrade project, which was completed in 2013 by constructing the world class brand new grain terminal with total capacity of 3.5 mln. tones.

The investment program included the followings steps:

  • November 2011: introduction of 3 silos with storage capacities of 3,300 tons each and band conveyor to berths increasing the transshipment capacity to 2 mln. tons, while the operations were still somewhat hindered by relatively low storage capacity.
  • January 2013: introduction of additional storage capacity of 105,700 tons increasing the transshipment capacity to full 2 mln. tons.
  • May 2013: completed construction of the railroad link which increased the transshipment capacity to 3.5 mln. tons.

Rail link has been constructed in 2013 for grain and container terminals.

  • 5 track: railway-yard with effective length of rail tracks up to 500 m. Total effective lenght of 4,346 meters.
  • Two of three rail links located in KSK are connected with the grain reception points which are able to process 4 railcars simultaneously and have unloading capacity of 1,600 tonnes per hour, while the third line is used for maneuvering operations.
  • It allows simultaneous reception of 2 block trains.

In September of 2013 the largest car handling complex on the Russian Black Sea coast was put in operation at KSK terminal:

  • Special berth for rolling cargo (Ro-Ro).
  • Storage area can handle 1 565 cars simultaneously.
  • The complex capacity is 50 thous. cars per year.