• AO KSK is the third largest grain terminal in the Russian Black Sea region, in 2012 incorporated by DELOPORTS LIMITED – a holding company that consolidates DELO-GROUP stevedore assets.
  • KSK operates as a grain transshipment terminal since 2006, when DELO-GROUP acquired the terminal land area and consolidated it with the berth rental rights into a single entity.
  • By 2010 DELO-GROUP developed the project documentation and launched the capacity upgrade project, which was completed in 2013 by constructing the world class brand new grain terminal with total capacity of 4.5* mln tons.
  • KSK terminal serves largest grain traders, operating in the Black Sea region.
  • The terminal is able to serve Supramax and Panamax vessels with deadweight of up to 55,000 tons.
  • Excellent rail and automotive connectivity via owned newly built rail link and federal highway Don M-4, directly connected to the terminal area:
    • Rail link was constructed by DELOPORTS in 2012-2013.
    • Control over the rail link provides a competitive advantage of having dedicated usage and being able to control its conditions.
  • Modern world class equipment, supplied by the leading international producers.
  • Operates 6 berths and total land area of 12.4 Ha of which 4 berths are owned and the others - leased from the federal and municipal government under long term lease agreements.
  • In addition to grain transshipment operations, KSK launched Ro-Ro transshipment operations in 2013 in order to diversify its grain handling operations with Ro-Ro volumes.

КСК Clients

KSK Terminal Capacities

Grain transhipment capacity 4.5* million tonnes
Ro-Ro complex capacity 50,000 cars per year
Rail capacity 2,400 tonnes per hour
Auto capacity 300-350 trucks per day
Grain storage capacity 220,000 tonnes
Ro-Ro storage area capacity 733 cars simultaneously