Social responsibility

Health and Safety Regulations

  • KSK is dedicated to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of health and safety for its employees, and seeks to ensure a safe working environment.
  • KSK has a dedicated department, which is responsible for ensuring that KSK is compliant with Russian Labor Code and other relevant regulations, including the directives of the relevant health and safety authorities.
  • The Company maintains annual and long-term occupational safety and injury reduction plans.
  • Any incidents and accidents are investigated and analyzed, and preventive measures are developed based on the results of such analyses.

Environmental Regulations

  • KSK is responsible for environmental protection and has established internal policies in order to maintain the environmental compliance and limit environmental disturbance to the necessary minimum.
  • Promoting adoption and use of best practices is one the key priorities of the Company.
  • According to an environmental study, commissioned by KSK and completed in May 2013, the Company’s compliance with the environmental regulation has been confirmed by RosPrirodNadzor (Russian environmental regulatory entity).